Mr. Pink is the “official” ginseng drink of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Marty Brown, the Chief Operating Officer of Mr. Pink Collections, a new start-up beverage company that makes the ultra-premium, ginseng-powered and vitamin-packed Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio in conjunction with eLosAngeles.

Southern California-based Mr. Pink Collections, LLC brought on Marty Brown and Patrick Haynes to spearhead the growth and development of the Mr. Pink line of ginseng-based beverages. With Brown as Chief Operating Officer and Haynes as National Sales Manager, Mr. Pink Collections is building a strong management team in the beverage industry.

Before taking on the role of COO at Mr. Pink, Brown worked as President of Power Brands Consulting, LLC – an award-winning beverage industry consulting company. Brown was responsible for sales, client acquisition and project management for the leading beverage development company in the United States. He managed the development, creation and formulation of new beverage projects for customers worldwide.

Previous to being president at Power Brands, Brown spent eight years as the Western Region Sales Manager for Rexam Beverage Can Company – the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum beverage cans. The total annual sales volume he managed in this region exceeded 6 Billion cans and ends, worth over $500 million. While at Rexam, Brown was instrumental in launching Rexam’s SLEEK™ line of cans in America, and brought in over 20 new customers into this package. Additionally, he sold Hansen’s Beverage Company on putting their Monster™ Energy Drink into Rexam’s new 24 oz. Cap Can™, the first re-sealable aluminum beverage can in America.



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