Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Lindsay's hosting a launch party tonight at the Beverly Wilshire hotel for an energy drink called Mr. Pink. LiLo had scheduled the gig long before the incident with Dina … and the guys behind the drink offered their jet to make sure she made it back in time.



  1. ttaz4dqm
  2. quote unquote
    Right now, no, she doesn't, but hopefully in the future, she will. I'm a social worker and I've seen people in the trenches, who are facing far worse than Lindsay, turn their lives around and become better people. Never underestimate someone's power for transformation or the power of the human spirit. Good point, though, and well said.
  3. MarvinGardens
    Dear JP Morgan Chase bank. Please find enclosed the $30,000 I owe you. Stop sending scary letters or I will send my coke head, steroid addled ex-husband to see you. I got a loan from my movie star daughter Lindsay to pay you. I actually told her I needed $40,000, but since she made this money making smut for your enjoyment, I pocked $10,000. Dina Lohan
  4. grittz28
    I'm sure it was about who got to snort more. I'm just saying......
  5. jd56hawk
    Yeah, and the worst thing is that Lindsay is being forced to do her mother's bidding. Lindsay's tried so hard to straighten out her life but her parents just won't let her.
  6. sallyslide
    I feel so sorry for Lindsay Lohan. She needs to seperate herself from both of her parents. Both parents are capable of working to support themselves. They both take advantage of their daughter.
  7. Cadillac Jack
    Police were not able to confirm if this fight was the result of both parties being drunk or just plain stupid or if it was the combination of being drunk and stupid.
  8. itzallboutmeok
    Do you really think the Hot Mess that is Lindsay has become has the guts to put those toxic people out of her life? No court would give her custody of her brother but he's away in school. She should take that money and have a sane, responsible person become his guardian and make sure there is no contact between her and her parents. Until she grows up and takes this step she's only going to slide farther down.
  9. quote unquote
    So true!!
  10. quote unquote
    Well said! I agree!
  11. quote unquote
    dogman44 you sound like a great friend & a decent man. Props to you!
  12. artistic1025
    I heard that the fight was over a crack pipe.
  13. quote unquote
    GREAT point!
  14. quote unquote
    Most of the drama in NY involves her mother though. I wish Dina & Michael would leave her alone & let her attempt to get her life on track! I swear, the more I Lear about Dina, the more empathy I have for Lindsay.
  15. quote unquote
    Dina is disgusting & wins "worst mother of the year" in my book! The more I learn about Dina (& especially after the Dr. Phil interview aired) the more I have sympathy & empathy for Lindsay. LiLo certainly hasn't had it easy & anytime she has tried to straighten her life up, she's got these two narcissistic bozos for parents, who are always around & influencing her decisions & who never leave her alone to live her own life! I wish Lindsay would put herself in therapy, pull herself up from the bootstraps & rise above her raising! Hopeful that LiLo comeback (sans Michael & Dina) is on the horizon!
  16. cdavis1575
    What a couple of losers. There are a lot of nice, smart people that bust their butts to make a buck and then you have these two no goods. The mother is as goofy as they get.
  17. bongofury62
    It is obvious that Lindsay is her mother's meal ticket. Accepting a gift is one thing, providing it is given unconditionally out of love, but it's very un-orthodox to borrow an amount of money like this from her daughter. Dina LowLife should just get a job & make her own money.
  18. dogman44
    I do that with close friends. Times are getting hard. A lot of these people are recent returnees from war. I have more than enough. Sometimes I give away too much and run out of money before the end of the month. I don't care. I have a roof over my head good food for my dog and me piled in, and a community of veterans that care about me. Screw the Yahoo civilian world.
  19. rbearfield
    apple doesn't fall far
  20. ThatGrrlTina
    The craziest part of this story is that LiLo had $40k to lend someone in the first place!
  21. LogicMeetsHumor
    Great.... input? Might want to think harder next time - just don't hurt yourself...
  22. Just1Ashley
    I'm sure you will be greatly missed
  23. Susabella
    WHERE LINDSAY GOES, TROUBLE FOLLOWS She left LA to get away from the drama, and since she moved there, its been NOTHING BUT DRAMA Unbelivable !!
  24. bpdarling
    Just a matter of time.....Lindsey AND the mother...are on a path....to join Anna Nicole....unfortunately.
  25. Bozzzzz
    Lindsay, simply put a lien on Mom's house for $40,000.
  26. Martin Beck
    seems normal to me .
  27. Martin Beck
    say what you will about lindsey at least the never got preggers . So she aint so dumb
  28. fallinofficer971
    Garry....You are most definitely correct with that statement....
  29. Garry Carlson
    Rule number one; "Never, ever, "loan" family money!" That leads to nothing but trouble. It is better to just "give" them the money without any expectation for repayment.
  30. LogicMeetsHumor
    One day, two days, 3 days, four... If Lindsay Lohan is in the news one more day in a row, I will read Huff&Puff no more...

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