Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Lindsay's hosting a launch party tonight at the Beverly Wilshire hotel for an energy drink called Mr. Pink. LiLo had scheduled the gig long before the incident with Dina … and the guys behind the drink offered their jet to make sure she made it back in time.



  1. TRASH2
    Kinda leaves you empty and grasping at life for yourself, the road of craziness whether in pill form or not. Time to say and walk, love is mostly a trap.
  2. dbn3
    Dina is the lowest form of trash
  3. Solar Bear
    What, she's not making enough money off her interviews, book deals and residuals from "Living Lohan"? LOL.
  4. Justina Foster
    Just like M.J. she has been funding her money grubbing family since she was ten years old ...shes tired and worn out . She has good reason to be an uneducated hot mess ,just wish she could see clearly and divorce her parents. Dina has a home her siblings have a home her dad has a home ...Lindsay is the only family member who is homeless but supporting everyone elses mortgage. Not a Lindsay fan , but am thinking good thoughts for Lindsay.
  5. The 73rd
    Did the money ever make it to the bank before the drug dealer seen any of it is what i want to know....?
  6. jd56hawk
    And there are plenty of people with worse parents, people who have bettered themselves, people who don't blame the world, people who have struggled in silence and have overcome the odds stacked against them. The truth is, Lindsay thinks she's privileged...she's not.
  7. MarkStanley8
    I watched some of the mother on Dr. Phil. She acts like she's in jr. high school, incredibly immature. What a mess.
  8. jd56hawk
    Correction: Lindsay gave Dina $40,000...for being such a wonderful mother! I mean, Dina gave Lindsay the precious gift of life, and a very special life it's been so far. Especially these last five or six years where Lindsay's been cramming so much living into it! I'd have to say she owes her father $40,000, too. Seriously, so many people are crediting Dina and Michael for all that Lindsay is that it's only fitting that she pays them back in the only way she can. You can't really put a price on something like that, but...
  9. curly22
    What does Dina do for a living? Is it even possible for her to pay that money back? What a crazy family.
  10. Cadillac Jack
    Dina just got 50,000 for that performance on Dr. Phil. She must have drunk, smoked, popped, and snorted it all away.
  11. RickM1969
    The girl doesn't have much of a shot at life when she has been playing parent to both her parents.
  12. Jamie J Perkins
    Just a feeling????
  13. Jamie J Perkins
    depends on the parents. I think people should atleast meet them if they are adopted, foster children, etc. Thier are so many rasons kids are givin away, it is not always for a bad reason or something the parent did. It is good to atleast know firsthand why it happened and who they are to make your own call. Most adoptive parents are good parents but a lot of times the real ones could have been too. of course in this case, The normal doesn't fit. Your right though, in some cases knowing your biological ones sucks.
  14. mimi naylor
    wow, soon lyndsay is going to look older than her mother. she needs to slow down.
  15. Jamie J Perkins
    If they were as famous they would probably already be on the front pages! Their is no way the other kids, having the same 2 parents, are not really messed up too. If they aren't already then they will be. A lot of people have parents just as bad as Lindseys, they just aren't famous and in the news. Sad to think their are so many out there probably just as bad off and without an income like that on top of it all even.
  16. wlbllms
    three train wrecks who cant get a grip on their own lives...just go away all of you...who cares
  17. wlbllms
    two cockroaches for parents...something to look forward to everyday
  18. pjmqone05
    Its time Mom stops hanging out until 4am, goes to rehab and gets a real job. You are not living the "fabulous" life if you cant pay your mortgage.
  19. Terry A Imes
    lindesay needs to use a background check before loaning $$$ wait till mom gets her tax return even payday lenders require loanees to have job failed mother is not a job
  20. Martiniman
    Used to laugh at the saying "Money is the root of all evil." Not so much anymore.
  21. clarityjane
    The problem isn't that she lent her the money. The problem is addiction. As they say in AA, if left untreated, the only possible outcomes are insanity, jail or death. I'm scared to start hearing about the other Lohan kids. So sad.
  22. PCCNYC
    A loan would imply that the money would be paid back. Considering the mother has no job or visible means of support, how was that going to happen?
  23. jeanni30
    not defending the parents cause they are horrible but i wonder if the money and fame changed them or if they were always this way...just like jessica simpson's dad- what kind of minister talks about his daughter's breasts..what kind of dad period? were these parents always like this?
  24. Cadillac Jack
    Knowing who your biological parents are is not all it's cracked up to be.
  25. Kailuabred
    I kinda agree. Everybody gets on her case, but she has been raised by 2 horrible role models. I realize we are all responsible for our actions, but she sure wasn't given a very good start.
  26. gen230
    I read these stories and I can't help but sometimes feel sorry for LiLo. Having two leeches for parents must be horrible.
  27. Tipsy Grape
    I have a feeling this is not going to end well.
  28. kacc
  29. Mony Akter
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