Audrina Patridge attends Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink launch party in Beverly Hills on October 11th, 2012.Audrina Patridge @ Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink Launch Party

  1. thewirah
    I find people who complain about BO almost as annoying as people with actual BO.
  2. wandercurious
    Spot on. She's an idiot.
  3. bogey1
    has she gone to acting school?
  4. mgarrison0827
    Good for her! Reality TV needs to go!
  5. geldonski
  6. almasearch
    medieval... 18th century.... a romantic comedy, nothing to serious... What has she been doing? Inhaling her hair spray?
  7. krhad
    Does this Idiot have alot of air between the ears or what !
  8. kicksave7
    Our Founding Fathers would like to know why they never experienced the medieval period when they were around in the 18th Century.
  9. Steve Cardi
    "I would love to do a period piece [set] in the 18th century because I love all that medieval stuff." This is your horror of the lowering of standards of the US educational system.
  10. JennySt
    Supposedly Audrina Patridge has already been given the chance to act. She’s been seen going into locations of ABC’s “Revenge”. Both Audrina and ABC have shown little regard for fans of the reality TV personality so support for her efforts could turn out to be pretty lame. If its true we’ll see Audrina on "Revenge" in the spring. For the role, scissors happy "Revenge" stylist, Carl Bailey, butchered Audrina's incredible trademark long hair. Cut the sides of her head from chest length to chin length! An extreme cut! All of the other women on the show were allowed to keep their long hair. Seems like they could have let her wear a wig for filming so we would still have the Audrina we know and admire outside of the show. Would have made supporting Audrina's role on the show and the show itself a lot easier instead of resenting ABC for devastating the appearance of one of our favorite celebs!
  11. Zweiback
    Since when is being a moron classified as an "anachronism"?
  12. Martiniman
    I'm with ya Audrina, hoping they ditch reality TV entirely!
  13. Hoosierbrad
    There are tens of thousands just as beautiful as you, Audrina, lining up at that same trough. Hope you like producers in that mature men category.
  14. judge jake

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