"Stay humble," said Paris Jackson. "Don't let things get to your head."

This was her advice to other celebrity children in the spotlight during an appearance by all three of Michael Jackson's children to support a drink called Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink.

They were walking the pink carpet at the Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink launch party in Beverly Hills Thursday night.

Why promote the drink?

"To promote healthiness, actually, because it's a very healthy energy drink," Prince Michael, Jackson's eldest child, told Entertainment Tonight, while standing next to his Aunt La Toya Jackson.

  1. eazzie
    Blanket Jackson look like he's been drinking more than an energy drink. He looks half cut.
  2. idle 1
    Is that Rylan's boyfriend with him
  3. Harvey L
    Virgin on the ridiculous!
  4. tilly rox
    Wait..... picture 12 - isn't that the guy from 'The Voice'?
  5. RyanBurke
    I thought to myself "Who are these people," but then I realized that I was on HuffPo UK. I quite like it here-- I think I might move in.

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