Kimora Lee Simmons Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink Launch Party Pink Carpet Arrivals at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, CA October 11th, 2012.

  1. hg wells
    Women suffering from anorexia have an expected life span of 56 years.
  2. Captai
    Just more of this nonsense. DUHmerican'ts simply love to fight with one another about anything and everything. Can never let anything or anyone be. Get a bl00dy life.
  3. dennissinned
    Kimora's show should be renamed My Life On The Z List. As in zzzzzzzzzz.
  4. Steele361
    I don't like her arrogance. That is all. Thanks.
  5. msfaye
    i am 52 and 1/2 (lol) i am 5'7 taller than alot of people i am 170 pounds (after a big weight loss) i wear a size 12 my legs and arms are still great not my stomach although oh well i went to the doctor he told me i was obese i needed to lose another 40 pounds which would put me at 130 pounds and i don't think i ever weighed 130 except that one day i passed thru it at maybe 15 or 16 years old. i think the body does what it wants to do when it wants to do it. after i lost all that weight people kept telling me how skinny i was getting and lost so much weight assuming perhaps i ought to get to the doctor to see if i was dying from something (this was years ago and still hear it) my body just decided it wanted to be 170 pounds and that was it. i still eat cake, burgers, fried chicken, anything experts tell you not to eat and no way am i ever gonna be 130 pounds to old to change if i get down to 130 i will be dying of something. so this girl is just trying to revv up the p.r. to stay in the news if she lost weight she did something to do it and if it works great if not the body is not willing.
  6. Niasia
    I like Kimora. She may be a bit much for some to handle but she has never made rude or snotty remarks in regardss to other people and I can respect that. I think she looks great and she is setting a good example for other women. Be you, if you want to thin down do it the right way!
  7. Niasia
    Um if you read you would...oh never mind.
  8. vu jade
    Who cares?
  9. hg wells
    thanks for your input posh.
  10. Aries Warrior
    She is like 6 feet tall.
  11. emperance
    Kimora, not YOU or any other woman, has to defend her body to ANYONE. Your diet, dieting is none of our business. Parents need to start raising their OWN children & stop looking to and blaming celebs / stars / athletes, etc. BTW, I’m so tired of hearing about eating disorders / anorexia, when the ENTIRE COUNTRY is dayuum near obese. (And save your snarky comments. Not interested.)
  12. hg wells
    Medical researchers say that anorexia shortens the life expectancy of women by 25 years. Women diagnosed with this disease can expect to live on average to 56 years.
  13. hg wells
    ...life expectancy of anorexics.....56 years old.
  14. emperance
    If Beckham & Middleton are - IT'S NOT YOUR BUSINESS or MY BUSINESS.
  15. Tricks-R4-Kids
    PR monster
  16. nikkid39
    Yeah, totally not an anoxeric.
  17. Widespread Panic
    She looks healthy, not anorexic at all. Unless this is an old pic, I just am not seeing any signs of anorexia.
  18. lisalulu
    She lost the weight through lifestyle changes - the only way to do it. Nutrition (what you eat) is 70% of the game; movement and genes the other 30% It took her 2 years to achieve the results. Good for her.
  19. lisalulu
    It took her 2 years - through smart nutrition choices and exercise - try reading the article.
  20. hg wells
    Anorexic? She looks gargantuan compared to pics of Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton....two real anorexics.
  21. kcinpa
    Somehow I'm not interested in the weight loss "secrets" of a suspected anorexic.
  22. 1differentdrummer
    Lose weight? Eatrightamerica.com.
  23. Jazmo
    It's impossible to tell when the pictures were taken that accompany this article, but she doesn't look anorexic or too thin. And if the reporter truly did stop the quote after "I don't eat" she deserves a clarification.
  24. tangelan
    I think she looks awesome. And I love her message about lifting each other up as women.
  25. VeggieLove
    Anorexic no. Annoying yes.
  26. S-Man
    Walter Cronkite would be all over this story. /Snark off
  27. Sunflo
    What, no pictures?
  28. LWilkinson315
    With ALL that is going on in our country and around the world CNN dedicates time to fluff stories? Our "news" media is the worse
  29. foregoneconclusion
    All for the opinion of what I think of her.
  30. firstep
    No where but America could we have a disease like this. As the late great George Carlin said? He was opening up diner for anorexics and buliemics and naming it. "The Scarf and Barf". I didn't say that. Carlin did.

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