Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink Collections, LLC has developed and is the purveyor of ultra-premium, health and wellness-based beverages for active and sophisticated adults. Based in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Pink portfolio consists of Ginseng Vitamin drinks, Premium Vitamin Iced Teas and Premium Sparkling Vitamin Iced Teas that reflect the surging need for products which are all natural, offer potent writing-help.org/blog/organizational-diversity-discrimination health benefits and taste deliciously refreshing. Mr. Pink’s custom blended beverages contain special ingredients originating from the purest natural sources because Mr. Pink invests in the best available herbs and extracts to ensure perfection in every can and bottle.

Mr. Pink Vitamin Ginseng drinks pack 1000 mg of the purest available Ginseng per serving – four times more ginseng than a standard ginseng supplement or capsule. Known for thousands of years as a cure -all miracle herb, ginseng’s multiple health benefits as a natural occurring Adaptogen continue to be researched and validated through modern science.

Why should I care about Ginseng?

  • Boosts the body’s defenses against physical and emotional stress.
  • Enhances mental clarity and memory
  • Fortifies the body’s immune system
  • Promotes virility as an all -natural aphrodisiac
  • Stimulates and energizes both mind and body
  • Contributes to healthy digestion and detoxification
  • Increases physical endurance and recovery

Mr. Pink is the ultimate revitalizing beverage for consumption morning, day and night.